Youtube Oscar … uh, The Joey for best Colorado Politics video goes to …

Author: Joey Bunch - May 9, 2017 - Updated: September 20, 2017

If you follow this site closely you know I love locally shot Youtube videos that tells a Colorado political story. Nourie Boraie with the Senate Republicans and Joel Malecka with the House Republicans bring it week in and week out on their respective caucus YouTube pages.

I’m glad I didn’t have to pick between them, because the winner for the first Joey’s Colorado Politics Youtube Video Prize for this year’s legislative session goes to Jimmy Sengenberger and the Millennial Policy Center.

He’s not getting a gold statue, but I owe him a plate of fried chicken at The Welton Street Cafe in Five Points. (Man, that’s good chicken.)

A couple of weeks ago the Millennial Policy Center, a Denver-based conservative think tank on policy and finances, put out a paper questioning whether it was loans and grants chasing the high price of higher-ed, or the other way around.

Now Sengenberger backs up with some clever satire.

“These days it’s hard to see how colleges and universities are all that different than a used car salesman,” he says, after hearing a pitchy from a guy who looks like one of my uncles who sold hubcaps in Slidell.

“… Yet for some reason we keep buying what they’re selling.”

Whether you’re on board with the center’s point of view on the cost of college chasing the availability of people to pay, you have to respect the creativity and execution of this YouTube gold.

“Push, pull or drag your degree into Bill of Goods today. Got some AP credits? Trade them in for something you can really use, like that yoga class.”

“The reality is that with all that money out there, college has gotten more expensive over the years, not less,” Sengenberger says on the video.

“Why is that? In 2015, the New York Federal Reserve found there was a direct connection between the rising cost of college and the growing availability of student loans and grants.”

(Editor’s note: This blog was updated to correct the spelling of Nourie Boraie’s name.)

Joey Bunch

Joey Bunch

Joey Bunch is the senior political correspondent for Colorado Politics. He has a 31-year career in journalism, including the last 15 in Colorado. He was part of the Denver Post team that won the Pulitzer Prize in 2013 and is a two-time Pulitzer finalist. His resume includes covering high school sports, the environment, the casino industry and civil rights in the South, as well as a short stint at CNN.