YESTERYEAR: Owens talks economy on West Slope, Romer and JBC butt heads, ADL condemns David Duke

Author: Rachael Wright - December 1, 2016 - Updated: November 27, 2016

… Fifteen Years Ago this week in The Colorado Statesman ... Politicos and policy wonks from Denver braved the treacherous mountain passes on I-70 to visit the Western Slope for an economic roundtable, featuring Colorado's chief executive, Gov. Bill Owens. The Republican governor stated that allowing businesses and consumers to buy “Chevrolet instead of Cadillac” health insurance plans would give a big boost to small businesses struggling to pay premiums. That would lead, he said, to a better economy in rural Colorado where most of the jobs were in small business. Because of the Legislature’s requirement for fifteen specific things all health insurance must cover, health insurance costs have sky-rocketed, Owens explained. Owens held roundtables in five locations around the state and the Grand Junction event drew nearly 200 people.

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Rachael Wright

Rachael Wright

Rachael Wright is a self-published Colorado-based author of two novels and a contributing writer to The Colorado Statesman.