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Truth Test: Walker Stapleton’s a ‘fourth-generation Coloradan’ from Connecticut

Author: Brandon Rittiman, 9News - June 21, 2018 - Updated: June 21, 2018

Is Walker Stapleton a “fourth-generation Coloradan”? Here’s Brandon Rittiman’s take on the matter. (KUSA-9News, Denver)

Coloradans know that Colorado natives have a thing for other Colorado natives. You can argue it’s silly, and that nobody has a choice about who they were born to or where.

Or, you can use it in your campaign for governor.

Republican frontrunner Walker Stapleton is campaigning on the idea that he’s a “fourth-generation Coloradan.”

The claim is in Stapleton’s campaign videos, in the bio on his website and has been used by media outlets in their editorials.

But is it an accurate description of his lineage?

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Brandon Rittiman, 9News