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Aurora Sentinel: Give Kavanaugh a fair and thorough hearing

Author: The Aurora Sentinel Editorial Board - July 14, 2018 - Updated: July 15, 2018

Colorado Republican Party Chairman Jeff Hays highlighted the most important issue Monday with President Donald Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court: “Elections have consequences.”

That was Hay’s comment just after the circus-like nomination. He said he was thankful that Trump beat Hillary in the presidential election and won the ability to choose a conservative jurist to the nation’s top court.

Meanwhile, an army of Democrats and liberal activists are demanding the Senate turn the table on Republicans. They want to humiliate the GOP by publicly flogging them with the ludicrous hypocrisy that wrongly held up the Merrick Garland nomination to the Supreme Court during the Obama Administration.

Just as this newspaper and many others advised against a revenge battle in the Senate for Justice Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination, we admonish those who are demanding it again.

Republicans were wrong to cheat and lie to prevent an Obama appointee in 2016, and Senate Democrats mirroring that deceit would be equally wrong.


The Aurora Sentinel Editorial Board