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The Sentinel: Wrongly sealing the autopsies of Colorado children will put others in danger

Author: The Aurora Sentinel Editorial Board - May 12, 2018 - Updated: May 12, 2018

Few things can provoke more emotion and clouded judgment than the death of a child, and the Colorado Legislature is a clear example of that as they make a seriously misguided effort to protect grieving parents.

Lawmakers have all but approved Senate Bill 223, which would make secret the autopsy reports of minors.

The bill’s approval would be a grievous mistake that Gov. John Hickenlooper needs to rectify with a veto.

Lawmakers this week listened to testimony from wrongheaded coroners who persuaded legislators that there’s a large and growing segment of the public eager to seek the autopsy reports of children and young adults who committed suicide, and that publication on social media endangers the lives of other children, who would copy such a tragedy.

We’ve seen no proof such a danger exists, despite what appears to be a flurry of undocumented anecdotes and hearsay.

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