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The Pueblo Chieftain: Listen to the people

Author: The Pueblo Chieftain Editorial Board - September 10, 2018 - Updated: September 10, 2018

This year’s city of Pueblo community survey resulted in some familiar findings. Citizens still are not happy with the condition of Pueblo’s streets. It continues to be a sore point for voters who approved a street repair utility last November, yet still are waiting for the city to establish fees needed to pay for the work.

Residents were asked what city services they thought should receive the most emphasis over the next two years and the top responses were maintenance of city streets and quality of police services.

Concerns over police may be attributed to people uneasy about crime, especially the rise in such offenses as motor vehicle theft. The next survey may change, though, as Pueblo Police Chief Troy Davenport continues to hire more officers – which the voters intended when they approved a small sales tax increase to do just that.

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The Pueblo Chieftain Editorial Board