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The Hot Sheet, August 22, 2016

Author: Jared Wright - August 22, 2016 - Updated: August 22, 2016

The Colorado Statesman Hot Sheet

By TCS Editor and Publisher Jared Wright

DENVER — Good morning and Happy Back-To-School Monday! Hopefully your smaller versions of self (if you have them) are off to a great start today.

The weekend had lots of small tweak-type developments on Colorado’s political path to enlightenment (at least that’s what they keep telling me this is all about). Don’t buy it? Me either.

Also, lots of national political figures will be raining down on Colorado this week.

Read on for your ultimate daily download in all things Colorado politics …

Weekend top headline:

TRUMP/PENCE OFFICES OPEN IN COLORADO, CLINTON CAMP GOES AFTER THE LATINO VOTE — Donald Trump continues to trail Hillary Clinton in Colorado based on recent polls. In the end, the local Latino vote could be the decider. Colorado is a swing state and despite what the polls are showing, local Republicans for Trump are fired up. While Clinton’s camp is zeroing in on the Latino vote, Trump/Pence campaign offices are opening up across the Front Range. A large crowd poured into Trump’s Jefferson County office that opened for the first time Saturday morning. …” Full story here


“Millennials have been described as apathetic, but they’re absolutely not. I think you can see from this election year that they’re not, and that millennials have a very nuanced understanding of the political world. So, yeah, I’m proud to be a millennial.”

— Diana Downard


Now, your substrata feed straight from Colorado’s politics pipeline:

It sounds like a “no,” but it’s really a “no comment.” In an interview with Denver ABC 7’s Politics Unplugged, U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, D-CO1, told hosts Marshall Zelinger and Anne Trujillo that she is happy where she is at when asked if she would join a Hillary Clinton administration should she win the White House in November. It was a masterful Washingtonian pass-off in which she didn’t say one way or another.

“You know what, I love the place where I am,”. I am, as … I said, I’m senior on a key committee in the House where 40 percent of the legislation in the House comes through: All of health care policy, environmental policy, energy, Internet, major league sports. And so I’m having an impact on legislation everyday right where I am. I’m also in Democratic leadership as chief deputy whip, so when we bring a climate change bill to the floor or a health care bill, I’m there counting the votes getting everything together. So I, … I really honor being, um, picked by my constituents. I feel like I’m re-hired every two years. I should make that case, and I’m very happy where I am.”

Asked if she would take a leadership position to help guide Colorado voters — and divided Democrats in their newfound conundrum over how to vote on ColoradoCare: 
“You know, like I say, I’m a federal elected official. If Colorado were to pass Amendment 69, then I think it would be an interesting state experiment. Sometimes the states can be um, good, good uh, petri dishes for federal policy, but I don’t have any ability to actually impact how the state would do that or how they would implement it, and so I’m just really not going to take a position on it.”

Full interview here
CONTINUED #CONFIDENCE: CLINTON STILL NOT PLANNING ADS IN BATTLEGROUND COLORADO (OR VIRGINIA) AHEAD OF ELECTION DAY — From CNN: “Hillary Clinton‘s presidential campaign will make their final ad reservations for the fall this week, according to an aide, reserving — in total — $80 millions in ads through Election Day in eight states.” … But Colorado is not on that list.

Citing growth in minority communities and “college-educated white voters” in the state, campaign staff feels confident enough to pull local ads in Colorado.

“Our campaign is going to use every tool in our toolbox from a massive grassroots campaign, state-of-the-art digital outreach and a significant advertising campaign to make sure every voter knows the stakes in this election and the danger Donald Trump represents,” said a Clinton aide about the ad reservations.
KAGAN FOR COLORADOCARE BEFORE HE WAS AGAINST IT — Democrat state Rep. Dan Kagan, D-Cherry Hills Village, who is now running for state Senate District 26 against Arapahoe Count Commissioner and former Gov. Bill Owens‘s CFO Nancy Doty has been forced into a flip-flop position. Hey people can change their minds on policy, right? Of course! … But it’s always notable when a politician does it. Kagan donated $100 to the ColoradoCareYes campaign on June 25, 2015. Today, following what the progressive community is labeling a “dust up” over the universal health care ballot initiative that has split the progressive community in two over the issue, Kagan has decided to back off his support for the bold — and expensive — health care policy move.

Question: Will he ask for his $100 back? … probably not.

From the Denver Business Journal: “The opposing elected Democrats ran the ideological gamut from Sen. Cheri Jahn of Wheat Ridge and Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp of Arvada — often considered the two most pro-business Democrats in the Legislature — to noted liberal voices such as Reps. Daniel Kagan of Cherry Hills Village, who actually donated to the ColoradoCare campaign last year, and Brittany Pettersen of Lakewood. House Majority Leader Crisanta Duran, D-Denver, also came out against the ColoradoCare ballot measure, also known as Amendment 69, as did the liberal activist group ProgressNow Colorado.” Full story here
HOUSE SPEAKER PAUL RYAN IN DENVER THIS WEEK FOR PRIVATE LUNCHEON — U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan will be in Denver Wednesday to headline a private fundraising lunch for U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman. No further details have been released by either Coffman or Ryan’s offices, but this year’s short-run Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jerry Natividad is said to be one of the co-hosts.
FINALLY: THE GREEN BUS HAS BEEN DUSTED OFF AND BROUGHT OUT: BENNET COMMITS TO MINIMUM WAGE AND DEBATING GLENN — During an interview with Fox31’s Joe St. George, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet said he is “sure we’ll have debates, and I’m sorry that he said nasty things about me …” referring to his Republican challenger Darryl Glenn. Bennet also committed to supporting the minimum wage increase ballot initiative. “I support the $12 minimum wage, it sounds like the right thing to do,” he said.
U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet's green, vintage campaign bus brought out of the barn and the mothballs, making it's first 2016 appearance on the campaign trail outside the Commerce City Democratic Party Clinton/Bennet coordinated campaign office headquarters Saturday.
U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s green, vintage campaign bus brought out of the barn and the mothballs, making its first 2016 appearance on the campaign trail outside the Commerce City Democratic Party Clinton/Bennet coordinated campaign office headquarters Saturday. (Photo by Ernest Luning/The Colorado Statesman)

Bennet also said he’s opposed to ColoradoCare and that he has no interest in being the U.S. Secretary of Education if offered the position by a hypothetical Hillary Clinton administration.

Colorado U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet and Texas U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro at the Commerce City Democratic Party office headquarters opening Saturday (Photo by Ernest Luning/The Colorado Statesman).
Colorado U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet and Texas U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro at the Commerce City Democratic Party office headquarters opening Saturday (Photo by Ernest Luning/The Colorado Statesman).

Full interview here

HOT OFF VEGAS, TIM KAINE COMING TO TOWN TOMORROW — On Tuesday, August 23, Hillary Clinton‘s running mate, Virginia U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine will make one campaign stop in Denver, where he will host a roundtable at Primus Aerospace Tuesday with Colorado small business leaders and discuss Clinton’s plan to create an “economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.” The stop is said to be Kaine’s only event in Denver scheduled to date.

Today, Kaine is in Las Vegas with his father, Al Kaine, campaigning at the ironworkers’ union annual convention. More details on that here.

REMEMBER THE TWELVE YEAR OLD BOY 9NEWS INTERVIEWED ABOUT HIS SUPPORT FOR DONALD TRUMP AND HIS FUTURE POLITICAL AMBITIONS? WELL, HE’S ‘RUNNING’ TRUMP’S JEFFCO OFFICE  — From The Hill, A 12-year-old boy is running Donald Trump’s presidential campaign office in one of Colorado’s most vital counties, according to a new report.”Weston Imer runs operations for the GOP presidential nominee’s camp in Jefferson County, KDVR News said Sunday.

Laurel Imer, Weston Imer’s mother, said Sunday she remains Trump’s official field coordinator for Jefferson County on paper.”

Full story here

6TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT REPUBLICAN STRATEGY: CASTING MORGAN CARROLL IN THE MOLD OF HILLARY CLINTON — From the Denver Post’s Joey Bunch: Republicans have seen an effort by Morgan Carroll’s campaign to “link Mike Coffman, the incumbent representative, to his party’s presidential nominee Donald Trump, because it could hurt him with the district’s minority voters.

“Coffman’s supporters are just as eager for Carroll to answer for [Hillary] Clinton’s policies and controversies that might not play well in a district heavy with anti-abortion Catholics, well-to-do suburban families and conservative veterans.”

Veterans Affairs as one example: “Last October Hillary Clinton told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that the VA’s problems were being exploited by Republicans for political gain and were not as widespread as the public had been led to believe.

“Sen. John McCain called the remark ‘very offensive to not only all veterans but all Americans.’ In July Clinton told a Veterans of Foreign War convention in North Carolina that she was ‘shocked by the VA scandals.’

“A year ago, [Morgan] Carroll’s campaign issued a press release blaming problems in the VA hospital in Aurora — which has seen costs triple and faced years of delays — on Coffman and fellow Republicans ‘asleep at the switch,’ without suggesting solutions.”

Full story here

TRUMP RAISING CASH IN ASPEN THURSDAY — Donald Trump will have his plane set down at ASE Sardy Field Thursday for a private, high-dollar fundraiser. The invitation indicates the specific location of the event will be divulged only to those who RSVP. From the Aspen Daily News: “Pitkin County Republican Party Chairman Bob Jenkins declined to identify the site, saying only that it’s a ‘fancy brand new home’ capable of holding ‘multiple hundred people.’ The reception kicks off at 4:30 p.m. Trump is not likely to hold a public event in Aspen, as there is not a space big enough to handle the crowds he tends to draw and the attendant security needs, Jenkins said.

“’We don’t have a stadium in Aspen,’ he said.”

Full story here

REGISTRATIONS UP FOR COLORADO’S LIBERTARIAN, GREEN PARTY MEMBERS — A small but growing number of voters are shifting to the Green and Libertarian parties: From 18,233 to 35,731 Libertarian Party registrants between Aug. 2012 and Aug. 2016, while the Green Party rose to 11,383 voters, an increase of about 2,600 in that same time period.

Full story here

ARN MENCONI GETTING BACKUP: GREEN PARTIER JILL STEIN PACKING HER BAGS AND HEADING TO COLORADO — Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate Arn Menconi, who has been campaigning for a diversity of causes like a wild-man, making appearances all over the state, will be joined by his party’s top-of-ticket leader, presidential candidate Jill Stein, in the state Saturday and Sunday.

“This ain’t a campaign for U.S. Senate,” Menconi says. “This is a fight to save a planet and lives of innocent people.” Stein would agree, and she believes her party is the “only political party that can actually stand up and tell the truth and put the real solutions on the table.”

Stein will appear in Colorado Springs at a “peace, climate and justice” rally at noon and then at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church at 1:30 p.m. to deliver a speech. She’ll then hit the road to Fort Collins where she will host a meet and greet at Avogadro’s Number Café in Fort Collins at 6:30 p.m. The next day, Stein will hold a meet and greet in Denver at Mercury Café at 1:00 p.m. and then a fundraiser at CU’s Glen Miller Ballroom in Boulder at 7:00 p.m.

Needless to say, Menconi is excited. “Since I get to take a stage with Jill Stein this weekend I’ve got to have my own entrance music,” Menconi said, posting the Beastie Boys’s “So What Cha Want” song to his Facebook page.

“So WhatCha WhatCha Want

“In my head, I just want to take ’em down
Imagination set loose and I’m gonna shake ’em down.”

A recent poll shows Stein with 7 percent of the vote in Colorado, a phenomenon attributed to disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporters jumping into her camp.


“I don’t think it’s going to be a breakthrough year for third parties. It would take more of an upheaval than I think we’re seeing now.”

Sandra Davis



Frank Francone (R), Centennial Institute fellow and president of RML Technologies, a predictive modeling, data analytics, and software company.

Jack Pommer (D), former state representative from Boulder

Jim Welker (R), former state representative from Loveland


American Majority’s Digital Campaign and Activism Training with special guest trainer Lee Hopper — Monday, August 22, 6:00 p.m., Crossroads Community Church, Northglenn Campus, 10451 Huron St., Northglenn, CO.

Darryl Glenn and Chad Connelly to address Colorado Christian University — Tuesday, August 23, 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Colorado Christian University, Leprino Hall 170, 180 S. Garrison St., Lakewood. Republican U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn and Director of Faith Engagement for the GOP Chad Connelly will visit Colorado Christian University to address students and the CCU community. The event is open to the public. RSVP here.

5th Annual Senate Majority Fund All-Star Party! — Tuesday, August 23, 5:00 p.m. — 7:00 p.m., 1600 Glenarm Place, 3rd Floor, Demonstration Kitchen, Denver. Your Colorado Republican State Senators cordially invite you to join them for cocktails, appetizers and to reminisce about the recently played MLB All-Star Game!

Denver Reception for Rep. Kit Roupe — Thursday, August 25, 5:00 p.m. — 7:00 p.m., DCO 110 16th St. Ste. 501, Denver. Please join Kyle Forti and Caleb Bonham in re-electing Kit Roupe for Colorado House District 17. $400 maximum individual contribution. No contributions from corporations allowed.

Steamboat Institute 8th Annual Freedom Conference and Festival — Friday, August 26 – Saturday, August 27. Full conference registration includes scenic gondola ride to Thunderhead Summit of Steamboat Ski Area for keynote dinner, featuring Carly Fiorina. Other speakers include Sen. Ben Sasse, Steve Moore, Amity Shlaes, Mary Kissel and James Taranto (Wall Street Journal editorial board), Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, Michael Ledeen, Charlie Kirk, Jillian Melchior, Yaron Brook, Kelly Maher and more! Freedom Festival registration starts at just $50!  Lodging from $99 per night. Register Online:

Adams County 50th Anniversary JFK Dinner — Saturday, August 27, 6:00 p.m., Double Tree by Hilton, Castle Event Center, I-25 and 120th Ave. Master of Ceremonies state Sen. Morgan Carroll. Special guest speaker to be announced after the Democratic National Convention.

Town Hall Meeting in Boulder With Rep. KC Becker, Sen. Rollie Heath — Monday, August 29, 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., Boulder Chamber of Commerce, 2440 Pearl St, Boulder. Rep. KC Becker and Sen. Rollie Heath will host a town hall meeting focusing on the Colorado Department of Transportation’s activities in Boulder County and the US 36 corridor. The meeting will feature guest speaker CDOT Executive Director Shailen Bhatt

Last day for U.S. Senate and U.S. House candidates to submit a voluntary term limits declaration form — Monday, August 29

Clean Energy Fair and Celebration hosted by Sierra Club and Google Project Sunroof — Wednesday, August 31, 11:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Denver Skyline Park (off 16th St Mall). RSVP here

House Republican Joint Republican Candidate Reception and Fundraiser — Wednesday, August 31, 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m., 1410 Grant St., Denver, CO 80203. Join the House Republican Caucus to support these candidates: Richard Bowman * Rep. J Paul Brown * Katy Brown  Chris Hadsall * Kimmi Lewis * Jessica Sandgren Host Committee: Assistant Minority Leader Polly Lawrence * Caucus Chair Lois Landgraf * Minority Whip Perry Buck * Representatives Jon Becker * Paul Lundeen * Dan Nordberg * Lang Sias * Kit Roupe * Cole Wist. $200 suggested contribution. Please RSVP to

Young and Active Conservatives of Denver — Wednesday, August 31, 7:00 pm. Highland Tavern, 3400 Navajo Street, Denver, CO. HAPPY HOUR! We are conservative young adults in our 20s – 40s who enjoy talking politics and doing social activities. More information here.

Denver GOP First Friday Breakfast featuring special guest, former Sen. John Andrews — Friday, September 2, 7:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m., Pete’s Greek Town Cafe, 2910 E. Colfax Ave. Andrews will be speaking on what to look forward to in the upcoming election. The title of his talk is “What Would Churchill Do?” Breakfast sponsor is Viano Construction.

Colorado Remembers 9/11, 15th Anniversary 9/11 Ceremony — Sunday, September 11, 1:00 p.m., Civic Center Park. Hosted by Gov. John Hickenlooper and Mayor Michael Hancock. Free Tribute Concert.

Centennial Institute Issue Monday: Who wins the 2016 presidential election? — Monday, September 12, 7:00 p.m. Colorado Christian University. With the presidential election quickly upon us, who do the latest polls indicate will win? How does the electoral college factor into this year’s race? Join Centennial Institute for a special election day preview with pollster David Flaherty and a discussion on the role and history of the electoral college in choosing presidents with Dr. Vincent McGuire. RSVP here.

Evening Conversation to Re-elect state Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush — Saturday, September 17th, 4:00 pm – 6:00pm. 171 Chaparral Road, Singletree in Edwards. Families are welcome!

General Election mail ballots drop – Monday, October 17

General Election polling locations open — Monday, October 24

General Election — Tuesday, November 8

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Jared Wright

Jared Wright

Jared Wright runs the business side of Colorado Politics, including circulation, advertising and marketing. He started as CEO and Publisher of the Statesman in 2015 and served as editor-in-chief for the journal during part of that time. He has worked in politics at both the state and federal levels, serving on a U.S. Congressman’s staff and working in government affairs in the private sector. Wright was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives in 2012 and served as member of Colorado’s 69th General Assembly from 2013-2014. He is also a writer, photographer and cartoonist.