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The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel: Patriotism or pandering?

Author: The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel Editorial Board - May 25, 2018 - Updated: May 25, 2018

NFL owners have adopted a new policy requiring players to stand on the field during the national anthem. The league will fine teams whose players take a knee on the field during the pre-game ritual.

Players who don’t want to stand can choose to stay in the locker room without penalty. The whole thing seems designed to move those Colin Kapernick-inspired protests out of the public eye, but in trying to minimize controversy, the league has invited even more of it thanks to free-speech defenders.

The NFL isn’t trampling on players’ constitutional rights, however. This isn’t a government action. It’s a private enterprise establishing standards and codes of conduct for employees. It’s really no different than an employer enforcing a dress code.

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The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel Editorial Board