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The Boulder Daily Camera: Milk labeling

Author: The Boulder Daily Camera Editorial Board - August 18, 2018 - Updated: August 18, 2018

The Food and Drug Administration is moving to change how it enforces milk labeling, so that nondairy products such as soy milk could not be called “milk.”  Members of the  Daily Camera Editorial Advisory Board weights in:

The Trump administration’s commitment to kowtow to industry, especially those hell-bent on destroying our planet, is painfully well-established less than two years in. According to a Food and Agriculture Organization 2007 study, “Methane contributes most to the global warming impact of milk, accounting for about 52 percent of the GHG emissions in both developing and developed countries. Nitrous oxide emissions account for 27 percent of GHG emissions in developed countries and 38 percent in developing countries. Carbon dioxide accounts for a higher share of emissions in developed countries (21 percent) than in developing countries (10 percent).”

The FDA’s desire to restrict the use of the word milk to its official definition in CFR — Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 — as lacteal secretion from cows brings up two questions for me. How does one reconcile the contradictions when the FDA describes the white, uber-nutritious liquid that comes from human breasts as milk? The FDA has chimed in on the use of donor human milk. Oh, maybe human women fall into the cow category, so using the word milk is OK?


The Boulder Daily Camera Editorial Board