Dan NjegomirDan NjegomirJune 8, 20175min394

The Centennial Institute — the conservative advocacy arm of Colorado Christian University in Lakewood — scored a coup last year with its campaign to lure then-presidential candidate Donald Trump to its annual Western Conservative Summit. #GetTrumptotheSummit was the rallying cry on Twitter, and it succeeded in getting Trump to make his first campaign speech in the state when he addressed the summit last July.

As this year’s summit approaches, Centennial and its Director Jeff Hunt are at it again. This time, they’ve kicked off a campaign to get the whole Trump team — or, at least, its most prominent members — to put in a showing at the July 21-23 event at the Colorado Convention Center.

An email from Hunt this week announces the effort and once again calls on supporters to take action using Twitter:

For the first time in Western Conservative Summit history, conservatives have control of the White House and the executive branch of our government. From our very first summit in 2010, progressive liberals in the White House, disregarding separation of powers, have rammed through their aggressive agenda. This year, however, Summit attendees want to hear from leaders in our government advancing conservative public policy.

While we have sent invitations to Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Dr. Ben Carson, Rick Perry, Betsy DeVos, Scott Pruitt, and Ryan Zinke, we need your help by showing your support on social media. Please click on the tweets below and demonstrate your wish to see the Trump Administration at the 2017 Western Conservative Summit!

And this year’s hashtag, fittingly, is #GetTrumpTeamToTheSummit. As Hunt notes on Twitter, it’s part of a multimedia campaign:

Of course, getting Trump the candidate to show while he was on the campaign trail is one thing; luring back Trump the president — along with his VP, top advisers and key Cabinet members — is quite another matter. (Also, isn’t there some sort of national security protocol about all these folks being in the same room? Or is that just on TV?)

By the way, plenty of Trump Cabinet members and influential advisers evidently weren’t on Centennial’s RSVP list in the first place. No Reince Priebus, Jared Kushner or Sean Spicer; no Nikki Haley, Elaine Chao or Wilbur Ross. (Chao is transportation secretary; Ross heads commerce. Admit it: You drew a blank on them.) Not even Secretary of State Rex Tillerson — the dean of the Cabinet.

Oh, and no Ivanka? What’s up with that?


Aaron HarberAaron HarberDecember 6, 20165min468

OK, I admit I am a bit behind on my reading as I recently perused the April 30 edition of The Wall Street Journal. Albeit accidentally, it was a good exercise as I read David Greenberg’s extensive column comparing the Republicans’ situation on that date to that in 1976, to wit: “But as in 1976, there is ominous talk today that the GOP is in crisis — possibly headed for extinction, like the antebellum Whig Party.” However, in short order, the party possibly headed for “extinction” won the presidency, kept control of both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House, gained control of 33 out of 50 governorships, and won control of both chambers of the legislatures in 32 states (with Democrats controlling both chambers in only 5 states).