Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsDecember 14, 201616min413

DENVER — Somewhere in between the holiday parties and shopping, we hope you're able to squeeze in a little bit more political speculation, because ... 'tis the season. It appears (at least to us) that no political savvy gathering is complete without discussing (a polite word) how the president-elect is doing with his team building decisions and who (save us) might run for Colorado governor. Thankfully, we’ve included NEW media reporting on both topics. Lucky you. Without a doubt, the most reported story of the last 24 hours in Colorado has been the legal wrangling (and losing) by the “faithless” Hamilton Electors … We will spare you the suspense, it comes down to — Vote for Hillary or face possible jail time. Inmate 1: “What are you in for?” Inmate 2: “I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.” HA!