Joey BunchJoey BunchDecember 29, 20173min313

The Colorado Farm Bureau‘s year-end message shows how the organization gets things done for farmers, ranchers and rural values.

“With an added focus on advocacy, CFB connected intentionally with voters, industry partners, legislators and administrations, extending its network and making connections outside the Capitol to grow its influence within,” the Farm Bureau stated in a release to the media Wednesday.

The Farm Bureau monitored 70 Colorado bills in the last legislative session, and it actively supported 18 that were signed into law, “showing the policy team’s effectiveness and influence when it comes to advocating for policies that are good for Colorado agriculture,” the organization stated.

That team also “helped protect farmers and ranchers from bills that would negatively impact their ability to feed consumers.”

“Throughout the year, the organization focused on effectively sharing the agricultural story across every platform, outlet and through every event and program,” the CFB said in it’s statement. “In a year full of change and preparations, the organization has made great strides advocating for its members and furthering their priorities both at the Capitol and beyond.”

In Washington, the Farm Bureau supported the repeal of the Waters of the United States, which they saw as a win for agricultural interests.

“The new administration also presented questions about trade and modernization of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). CFB, along with leaders from around the state, met at the CFB offices to discuss the importance of trade to Colorado and to debate policy solutions that would keep NAFTA and maintain trade policies that are beneficial to CFB members, agriculture and the broader economy,” the Farm Bureau reported.

And, to boot, the Farm Bureau celebrated its 100th year this year. The organization grew its Pedal-the-Plains team from 12 to 32 members to promote its #FarmPower brand. As part of this year’s cycling event on the Easter Plains, the Colorado Farm Bureau collaborated on the pro-energy development front with Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development and Keep Electricity Affordable.

This year the CFB Foundation Disaster Relief Committee provided more than $350,000 to Eastern Plains farmers and ranchers affected by a major fire and blizzard that left millions of dollars in damages to livestock and crops.


Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinMarch 14, 201710min429

A controversial federal rule designed to provide clarity for protection of America's water resources, and now under a presidential order for change or elimination, could cause further confusion and take the rest of President Donald Trump's term in office to be resolved, according to two Colorado State University researchers and news reports. The order was strongly supported by Republican members of Colorado's Congressional delegation who had opposed the rule since it was proposed by the Obama administration and scheduled to take effect in August 2015. One member attached an amendment to a bill that would require more local government involvement when similar rules are considered.