Jared WrightJared WrightJuly 19, 201646min456

DENVER — YESTERDAY'S BIG HEADLINE IN SUM: 'REPUBLICAN CONVENTION DESCENDS INTO CHAOS' ... (but only for a little while, after that ... pretty much business as usual ... or at least Republican business as usual in 2016). As the second day of the Republican National Convention begins, we at this political journal can't help but marvel at all the red meat thrown out onto the stage yesterday to sizzle in front of a restless crowd. I can't remember a rawer, red-meat convention, this year with a pinch of alleged "show biz" — mostly in the form of reality television stars — thrown in. Ok, not just a pinch ... the cap came off. Colorado was most certainly part of the production. Some of it on stage, much of it in the drama department off stage.