Joey BunchJoey BunchMarch 13, 20183min458

State Sen. Bob Gardner was having breakfast reading the newspaper when he saw that a public-sector union was on strike elsewhere in the country. The Republican from Colorado Springs was not supportive. "And I got to thinking about the fact that those collective bargaining agreements are often negotiated by people who are being paid by the taxpayers to negotiate against the interests of the elected officials and the government that the taxpayers fund," he told the Senate chamber Monday morning.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningJanuary 31, 20183min2205

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cary Kennedy has landed the backing of two powerful Colorado teachers unions, her campaign said. The Colorado Education Association and the state chapter of the American Federation of Teachers plan to endorse Kennedy, a former state treasurer, on Wednesday at her campaign headquarters, inside a converted, historic elementary school in Denver.

Peter MarcusPeter MarcusFebruary 7, 20174min227
Senate Republicans on Monday advanced a measure that would add Colorado to the list of so-called “right to work” states, prohibiting mandatory union membership. Despite opposition from throngs of union members and leaders, as well as many in the business world, Republicans on the Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee pushed the bill along on […]

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Joey BunchJoey BunchJanuary 5, 20175min226
If pundits are right, Donald Trump became president partly because he spoke frankly about immigration to the working people. Wednesday the leader of Denver’s best-known labor union for working people had a reply about scapegoating. Ron Ruggiero, president of Service Employees International Union Local 105, was one of a handful of Colorado leaders who spoke […]

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Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsSeptember 5, 20165min452

This Labor Day, as Coloradans, as labor leaders and as part of our state’s middle class, we recognize the millions of people across the country who go to work every day to take care of our families. We work to put food on the table, to put ourselves through school, to pay for the ballet lessons and the baseball leagues. Our hard work allows Colorado’s economy to thrive and our work is what makes America great.