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Telluride jobs
Telluride Ski Resort went retro on closing day in 2012. (Photo courtesy of Telluride Ski Resort)

If you’re a bit of a flake on the job, then the place for you is Telluride. Go west, young man, and take your mountain bike with you.

The excellent Justin Criado lays it all out in the latest Telluride Daily Planet.

Unemployment in San Miguel County is among the lowest in the state, 2.1 percent, according to the latest state Department of Labor and Employment numbers for June. That’s two-tenths of a percent below the state jobless rate and 2.3 points below the national unemployment level.

That’s a good thing, right? Yes and no.

Low unemployment means there are fewer job seekers to choose from, and that makes it a pain to find qualified help who will actually show up in a tourist town like Telluride, where stores, restaurants and adventures that need guiding are plentiful for transient young folks sowing their wild oats in the Rockies.

Youth, legal weed and the siren call of adventure sometimes get in the way of punching a clock.

“Telluride is fairly transient in that sense,” Bas Afman, assistant general manager of Lumiere Hotel in Mountain Village, told Criado. “It’s kind of a community where people want to work for a year or a summer or a winter and then kind of move on to something either a little more serious or something else in life,”

But a seller’s market means it’s tough maintaining a workforce.

“I think because there’s so many jobs out there people know if they don’t perform they’ll have a job literally the next day,” Afman said.

And then there are expenses. Telluride has them. And affordable housing based on what retail and service jobs pay is a challenge.

And if you’re looking, The Daily Planet notes that the new Green Dragon marijuana shop in town is looking for a manager and staff, and the Placerville Post Office is looking for help.

Statewide, Colorado added 6,500 jobs from May to June — employing the equivalent to the population of Aspen.


Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinDecember 30, 201613min384

For Colorado residents hunting for jobs that pay enough to live on, reports of the state's low unemployment rate and rapid population growth can be very disheartening. It seems everyone else has a job except you, often a depressing thought. However, a recent study digs deeper into the numbers and finds job hunters' perceptions of the state's employment situation being less positive than as portrayed are closer to reality. And state lawmakers will be presented with the study's findings, in hopes of doing something to help workers and job hunters.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningSeptember 19, 201626min1015

Casper Stockham idles at the curb on a crowded LoDo street at about 10 p.m., scanning the pedestrians who are surging and meandering in front of a popular Mexican restaurant. The Denver Broncos are playing just blocks away and the night is bustling, the sounds of cheers and music spilling onto the sidewalk. After a few minutes, a woman in her late 20s pokes her head in the open passenger window and asks, “Are you Casper? Are you my Uber?” Stockham smiles and leans across the seat. “That’s me,” he says. “Get in, and we’ll get you where you’re going.”