Ernest LuningErnest LuningJanuary 8, 201814min3879

The nonprofit formerly known as the Centrist Project, a group working to elect nonpartisans officials nationwide, on Monday unveiled a slate of four unaffiliated Colorado candidates running this year for the Legislature  in the opening salvo of its assault on the two major parties' unbroken rule of the state's government. It also announced it's changing its name to Unite America and will call the state-focused organization Unite Colorado.


Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsJanuary 4, 20182min340

In reference to the article about state Sen. Cheri Jahn (leaving the Democratic Party), I wanted to discuss how important it is that members of both parties take a stand and say "enough is enough!" These partisan games have gone on long enough, and for a state like Colorado with the voters divvied up the way they are, it is vital we not let the distastefulness of the national divide trickle down into our state.


Joey BunchJoey BunchDecember 4, 20171min534

Next year, unaffiliated voters in Colorado will be able to help pick the Democratic or Republican nominee in a governor’s race for the first time without adhering to a party.

Coloradans voted in favor of Propositions 107 and 108 last November, which opens partisan primary elections to unaffiliated voters; however, they can only vote in one primary – not both.

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams, a Republican, talked extensively about the statute at Saturday’s town hall meeting in the Durango Public Library.

Unaffiliated voters will receive a Republican and Democratic ballot in the mail for the 2018 primaries, but should only return one.


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