Ernest LuningErnest LuningFebruary 13, 201813min2065

When Colorado voters cast ballots in the upcoming primary election, they’ll almost certainly face an unprecedented smorgasbord of candidates spread across an unusually high number of races up and down the ballot. And for the first time, the state’s unaffiliated voters — there are slightly more of them than there are either Democrats or Republicans — will have a say in the outcome.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningJanuary 8, 201814min4022

The nonprofit formerly known as the Centrist Project, a group working to elect nonpartisans officials nationwide, on Monday unveiled a slate of four unaffiliated Colorado candidates running this year for the Legislature  in the opening salvo of its assault on the two major parties' unbroken rule of the state's government. It also announced it's changing its name to Unite America and will call the state-focused organization Unite Colorado.


Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsJanuary 4, 20182min397

In reference to the article about state Sen. Cheri Jahn (leaving the Democratic Party), I wanted to discuss how important it is that members of both parties take a stand and say "enough is enough!" These partisan games have gone on long enough, and for a state like Colorado with the voters divvied up the way they are, it is vital we not let the distastefulness of the national divide trickle down into our state.