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Stymied in its quest to repeal and replace (or maybe just reconfigure) Obamacare, the GOP Congress has been promising it next will train its sights on meaningful tax reform. And Americans for Prosperity-Colorado, the conservative advocacy juggernaut, stands ready to help build momentum.

AFP-Colorado’s “‘No More, Uncle Sam,’ Tax Reform Rally,” scheduled for Tuesday, will be one such effort to whip up support. A press statement announcing the 11:30 a.m. event at Lincoln Memorial Park across the street from the Capitol in Denver says the gathering “will feature lawmakers and policy experts discussing the federal tax code; why it needs to be fixed and how Congress plans to fix it.’

Among the featured guests: Fourth Congressional District U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, of Greeley, who will provide the keynote address. (Yes, the same Ken Buck who recently pronounced the Republican Party dead and talked of running for Colorado attorney general if incumbent Cynthia Coffman runs for governor. Jury’s still out on whether Tuesday’s appearance will be an effort to mend fences with the GOP or to burnish Buck’s street cred as a bona fide rebel. Maybe both?)

AFP-Colorado’s staff, including State Director Jesse Mallory, will be on hand, as well, of course. Mallory issued a statement to stir the pot in advance of the event:

“The mess that is our tax code is a result of decades of bad decisions. But we can fix it this year.  We are pushing for tax reform that creates a simpler, fairer system with lower rates and fewer brackets, cuts the corporate rate, and creates certainty about who owes what.  We believe this would go a long way toward boosting jobs and wages, and restoring some faith in the American Dream. We are inviting Coloradans to join us on Tuesday so we can send a united message to Washington, insisting on federal tax reform now.”

And if that’s not enough to lure you, how about a free barbecue lunch as well as “games emphasizing tax reform,” a “positive” picket line along Lincoln Avenue facing the Capitol, and free “No More, Uncle Sam!” T-shirts?

Questions? Contact AFP-Colorado’s Tamra Farah at or (702) 441-9252.


Chase KohneChase KohneAugust 3, 20175min1186
Chase Kohne

U.S. Rep. Ken Buck pronounced the Republican Party dead, as if he is merely a witness when in fact he’s holding a smoking gun.

He decries the partisan gridlock gripping Congress, yet in his thrall to an extreme agenda he offers the most partisan “solution” of all: permanent single-party rule. Americans yearn to return to the days when Republicans, Democrats, and independents actually worked together to solve our nation’s biggest challenges. But Buck doesn’t play well with others: according to his report card, he’s among those least likely to work across the aisle, coming in at number 406 on a list of 438.

Buck routinely supports policies favored only by fringe groups and he often says one thing and does another. He voted yes on the disastrous American Health Care Act, a bill opposed by the vast majority of Americans. He doesn’t trust women to make their own health-care decisions even in cases of rape and incest. He calls for term limits for Congress yet in a stunning display of hypocrisy, he refuses to impose one on himself. He claims to oppose tax policies designed to favor the wealthy even as he supports legislation that functions as a Trojan Horse tax cut for the rich.

In a Facebook post dated July 13 of 2017, Buck said “our duty as Americans is to protect the vulnerable in society.” Just days later, he lambasted Congress for failing to pass a healthcare bill condemned by organizations such as the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics for the negative impact it would have on the most vulnerable among us: the sick, the young, and the elderly.

Americans don’t want to balance the budget on the backs of working people and the vulnerable. History has completely discredited Buck’s trickle-down ideology: We’ve seen that while wealth can sometimes trickle down, there’s too often no incentive for the wealthy to spend, so they’ve merely accumulated more and more wealth while the gap between these wealthy elites versus middle class and lower income Americans has only grown much wider and deeper.

In claiming that no one else has stepped up to provide solutions to the problems he himself helped create, Buck demonstrates just how far out of touch he is. Millions of Americans have organized, contacted their representatives, and even launched their own runs for office. Americans of all backgrounds keep sharing their visions for a better nation while Buck and other representatives keep turning their backs.

After launching my campaign, I’ve toured eastern Colorado extensively, where I’ve heard the same complaints about Buck from all corners of the district: He does not hold real town halls; his staffers are rude, and the people who try to reach out to Buck are left with the general sense that their voices don’t matter to him one bit. This is unacceptable. Our representatives depend on feedback from voters to do their jobs right, so they should respond to it promptly and always with gratitude.

The late U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota famously said that “we all do better when we all do better.” Parker does better when Trinidad does better; children who live on the eastern plains do better when they have the same opportunities as children in Castle Rock, and the people who vote for Republicans do better when the people who vote for Democrats do better. If Buck can’t understand that, it’s time to replace him with someone who does.


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Without peeking at that folded-up front page of the New York Times that’s working its way down your pile of backlogged must-reads on the corner of your desk, could you say with certainty just what Donald Trump is supposed to have done in his dealings with the Russians that may have broken the law?

Perhaps you can but — true confessions — we’d have to check the Times.

And so it goes with political controversies for a lot of us rank-and-file voters, going all the way back to the scandals of the Johnson administration — Andrew, not Lyndon. The details are fuzzy. (Quick: Do you remember why Bill Clinton was impeached? You do remember he was impeached, don’t you?)

Maybe, in a roundabout way, that’s what Colorado’s 4th Congressional District U.S. Rep. Ken Buck was getting at with his remark on KOA-AM radio the other day that the media are “inventing this Russia story” about Trump.

In other words, not that the Greeley Republican believes there’s no truth to the allegations — he has in fact said otherwise, allowing that evidence could turn up — but rather that a lot of people aren’t sure what the allegations are in the first place. So, to them, it all seems ginned up. And Buck was channeling that.

Then again, maybe he was just calling us media types a bunch of liars.

In a post this week on ColoradoPols, political blogger and pundit Jason Salzman seems to think it’s the latter. That it’s another case of right-wing pols and their talk-radio fan base shooting the messenger and resurrecting the bogeyman of liberal media bias.

Salzman also dissects some other recent talk-radio banter on the subject. Read his full post linked above on Pols or via Salzman’s own Big Media Blog.

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Its title may be well worn by now, but the soon-to-be-released book, “Drain the Swamp,” by U.S. Rep. Ken Buck — the Republican former prosecutor now representing Colorado’s 4th Congressional District — promises to breathe new life into the 2016 campaign catch phrase-turned-political meme.

And Colorado Christian University’s conservative Centennial Institute has announced it will host the book’s official launch at the school’s Lakewood campus on April 10, with the congressman himself on hand:

Join us for an important evening to hear from Congressman Ken Buck about his new book, Drain the Swamp.

Lavish parties. Committee chairmanships for sale. Pay-to-play corruption. Backroom arm-twisting. Votes on major legislation going to the highest bidder. Welcome to Washington, D.C., the swamp that President Donald Trump was elected to drain.

Congressman Ken Buck is blowing the whistle on the real-life House of Cards in our nation’s capital. Elected in 2014 as president of one of the largest Republican freshman classes ever to enter Congress, Buck immediately realized why nothing gets done in Congress, and it isn’t because of political gridlock — in fact, Republicans and Democrats work together all too well to fleece taxpayers and plunge America deeper into debt.

The book’s promotional pitch also teases, “Buck names names and tells incredible true stories.”

Talk about riding the wave; The Donald himself probably wishes he’d penned this one. Looks like Buck beat him to it (with the help of a co-author) even if he does borrow one of the president’s favorite turns of phrase.

Of course, whenever an elected official writes a book, can a run for higher office be far behind?

If you are among those who can’t wait to get your hands on a copy, sorry, you will have to wait. Only a few weeks, though. As noted on the Institute’s press release, the tome will be “in bookstores everywhere April 11,” a day after the launch.

It’s also available for pre-order right now on Amazon (but we’ll let you navigate your own way to the mega-vendor or any other book source). The full title: “Drain the Swamp: How Washington Corruption Is Worse Than You Think.”

Here are details on the launch at Centennial Institute:

Monday, April 10
7 p.m.-8:30 p.m.
Colorado Christian University
180 S. Garrison St Lakewood, CO 80226

Click here to RSVP