Adam McCoyAdam McCoyApril 26, 20175min364

Local immigrant advocates have been working alongside Denver officials drafting a new undocumented immigrant policy which in part would outline how local law enforcement interact with federal immigration agents. The proposed policy includes stipulations against local law enforcement holding immigrants past their release date for Immigrant and Customs Enforcement authorities and communication between local authorities and ICE, said Ana Rodriguez, immigrant justice organizer with Colorado People's Alliance (COPA).


David O. WilliamsDavid O. WilliamsDecember 22, 201612min427

Colleges and universities across Colorado are grappling with whether the incoming Trump administration will strip away federal deportation protections for undocumented students, most of whom came to the state at a very young age and pay in-state tuition under Colorado law. DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, was signed as an executive action by President Barack Obama in 2012. The policy provides deportation protection and work visas for law-abiding, undocumented students who came here as children and fit certain age criteria. Trump vowed on the campaign trail to reverse Obama’s executive actions, including DACA, but has since hinted he may “work something out” for undocumented college students whose parents brought them to the United States at a very young age.