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Free market-minded Millennial Policy Center’s offers its own quickie course on tariffs and trade — the upshot being that the two don’t mix — and pitches the point through its latest effort in video spoofery.

“ScamWow: The Tariff Towel!” — a play on the old “ShamWow” late-night infomercial — mocks the superficial allure of tariffs by hawking it as a wash rag. Along the way, the “commercial” scores points and lands blows about how tariffs actually backfire by starting trade wars, limiting markets for U.S.-made goods, and by driving up the price of imports.

The schtick as well as the polemic are right up the alley of Millennial and its youthful president/impresario Jimmy Sengenberger. The next-gen policy shop/advocacy group aims to advance classical conservative thought among Sengenberger’s Millennial demographic — even if it means jousting with a Republican president.

As Millennial points out in a press release this week, the video is being released, “at a tenuous time for U.S. trade relations on the global stage, as the Trump Administration has staked out a more protectionist position on NAFTA’s reauthorization, including threats to undo the agreement, as well as support for tariffs and other barriers to entry.”


Marianne GoodlandMarianne GoodlandOctober 20, 20177min350
Heightened border security between the United States and Mexico wouldn’t just impact the flow of human traffic across the two nation’s borders; it also could affect the flow of perishable fruits and vegetables from Mexico into the United States and Canada, especially with the winter months coming. That’s among concerns expressed by agricultural officials from […]

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