Hal BidlackHal BidlackAugust 14, 20186min453

Back in the early 1970s, my older brother wore a button that simply said, “Keep Nixon Healthy.” He said people often commented on it, usually thinking he was supportive of Mr. Nixon, and wanted him to be well. But for my brother, as a liberal, the button had a very different, if somewhat droll and ironic meaning. Readers of a certain age will recall that Mr. Nixon’s vice president was a rather undistinguished (and later indicted) gentleman with the unlikely name of Spiro Agnew. Mr. Agnew was the former governor of Maryland and was not considered…how shall I put this… the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree? Not the sharpest knife in the drawer? Kind of dumb?


Miller HudsonMiller HudsonApril 12, 20168min347

“Close only counts in horseshoes.” The old adage is nowhere more meaningful than at national political conventions. This round, Democrats are salivating at the opportunity to run against Donald Trump in November; but, truth be told, he is becoming increasingly less likely to emerge as the Republican nominee. One minor historical fact consistently overlooked is that never has a frontrunner been nominated at an “open” or “contested” American political convention of either major party on the first ballot. Colorado Republicans just made such a situation a little more likely in 2016. Think about it. If Trump fails, as appears increasingly likely, to secure 1,273 delegates before arriving in Cleveland, he will almost certainly return to New York as a footnote — albeit a lengthy one — to the 2016 Presidential race.