Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinDecember 26, 20163min428

The Colorado Municipal League has listed seven key issues it plans to focus its lobbying efforts on in the upcoming 71st General Assembly, which begins Jan. 11, 2017. In a Dec. 21 blog, Deputy Director Kevin Bommer noted that while the league does initiate some legislation to address issues on behalf of its 269 member cities and towns, most of its work is in reaction to bills introduced in the House and Senate.


Rachael WrightRachael WrightDecember 1, 201612min369

… Fifteen Years Ago this week in The Colorado Statesman ... Politicos and policy wonks from Denver braved the treacherous mountain passes on I-70 to visit the Western Slope for an economic roundtable, featuring Colorado's chief executive, Gov. Bill Owens. The Republican governor stated that allowing businesses and consumers to buy “Chevrolet instead of Cadillac” health insurance plans would give a big boost to small businesses struggling to pay premiums. That would lead, he said, to a better economy in rural Colorado where most of the jobs were in small business. Because of the Legislature’s requirement for fifteen specific things all health insurance must cover, health insurance costs have sky-rocketed, Owens explained. Owens held roundtables in five locations around the state and the Grand Junction event drew nearly 200 people.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningMay 19, 201611min321

Thirty-Five Years Ago this week in The Colorado Statesman … Some of the money allegedly embezzled from the Central Bank for Cooperatives in Denver by Eve Lincoln, a former coordinator for Secretary of State Mary Estill Buchanan’s 1980 Senate campaign, could have been used to help finance Buchanan’s petition drive to get on the ballot, the Republican’s former campaign manager said. Under federal election law, if that’s what had happened, it could have counted as an illegal corporate campaign contribution, said Curt Uhre, who helmed Buchanan’s bid. He explained that was why the campaign had reimbursed the bank $2,591 just six days before