Marianne GoodlandMarianne GoodlandSeptember 8, 20188min414

Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Yuma on Saturday updated members of the west slope advocacy group Club 20 efforts to make Grand Junction the next home of the federal Bureau of Land Management. He also spoke to Colorado Politics about the efforts to renew the Land and Water Conservation Fund (hopeful) and the status of the farm bill (close).


Aaron M. JohnsonAaron M. JohnsonJuly 18, 20186min594

How far does a national park extend past its boundary line? In the case of the Great Sand Dunes National Park, we’re told the boundary stretches past the gate, over a mountain range, and across a valley on the other side. That’s according to anti-fossil fuel activists working to stop oil and natural gas leasing east of the park and on the other side of the mountains on lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management for multiple uses.


Tom RamstackTom RamstackFebruary 1, 20185min675
President Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday brought hope that the Colorado Department of Transportation’s funding shortfall for road-building projects will at least be eased. Trump pledged to seek $1.5 trillion in new infrastructure spending for roads, bridges, highways and waterways. The federal grants would need to be matched by state and local funds. […]

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