John TomasicJohn TomasicApril 11, 20174min775

Privacy advocates now have a number: Customs personnel roughly doubled their searches of electronic devices at the nation’s borders in the last six months, conducting nearly 15,000 searches of traveler phones and computers between October and March, according to numbers released by Customs and Border Protection. Capitol Hill lawmakers — including Colorado Rep. Jared Polis — alarmed at what they feared was becoming an indiscriminate invasive and time-wasting practice have been waiting on the information for weeks.


John TomasicJohn TomasicApril 4, 20175min566

Colorado U.S. Rep. Jared Polis has joined a bipartisan effort on Capitol Hill to protect mobile phones from national border and airport searches, his office announced Tuesday. “The government should not have the right to access your personal electronic devices without probable cause,” he said. “Whether you are at home, walking down the street, or at the border, we must make it perfectly clear that our Fourth Amendment protections extend regardless of location.” Polis is joining privacy champions on Capitol Hill in running the “Protecting Data at the Border Act.” The bill is sponsored in the Senate by Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden and Kentucky Republican Rand Paul. Polis is joined as a sponsor in the House by Texas Republican Blake Farenthold.