Roger HudsonRoger HudsonOctober 15, 20174min3101

Lines have clearly been drawn in Castle Rock: those who want to elect their mayor on one side and those who would rather let the town council continue to appoint their mayor on the other. Fingers have been wagged, names have been called and I expect a few friendships have been strained. With an election less than a month away, the fight continues in Castle Rock over who should pick your local government — you or someone else?  


Roger HudsonRoger HudsonJune 28, 20175min491

When was the last time you visited the little town of Castle Rock, Colorado? Has it been awhile? Just south of Denver, for many traveling along I-25 Castle Rock is simply a place we pass on our way to Colorado Springs. Of course, some may stop and fill up. Others might visit the ever-expanding Outlet Mall (slash) Promenade. And that’s just fine with most us who live there. We’re happy to see you, but even happier to see you go home.


Roger HudsonRoger HudsonJune 19, 20174min351

My phone lit up this weekend with news that a group of Republicans marching in Denver’s Pride Fest had been “attacked on the parade route by an angry group wearing masks.” One text described the attackers as cursing lesbians dressed all in black. Another text said that all was well and nothing appeared to be organized.

Jared WrightJared WrightAugust 24, 201636min1124

DENVER — Good day to all you Colorado politicos. A confirmed earthquake hit southern Colorado yesterday along the Colorado/New Mexico border south of Pueblo, measured by USGS at 3.9 in magnitude. This has induced speculation among some wonks that the incident is somehow related to the potentially earthshaking Senate District 35 battle between two Wild West giants, Sen. Larry Crowder versus Sheriff Jim Casias, or perhaps the 2016 Republican primary shock ousting of House District 64 Rep. Tim Dore, but we will leave that to the conspiracy theorists and late night talk radio hosts. And then, of course, others believe the quake might have to do with the army of Denver Rustlers preparing their journey to the state fair while still other, more scientific types speculate it may have to do with wastewater injection in the area. Read on for more earth shattering news in Colorado politics today ...