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FAMILIAR TERRITORY? … U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn learned this week that he successfully petitioned his way onto the Republican primary ballot and will be facing at least two GOP challengers in his bid for a seventh term representing the 5th Congressional District. It’s a familiar situation for Lamborn, who was first elected in 2006, to find himself in a primary — but contrary to what seems to be widely held impressions, Lamborn isn’t that used to petitioning onto the ballot or confronting multiple primary opponents.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningFebruary 16, 20187min1833

Russians intending to influence the 2016 presidential election targeted Colorado and other swing states as part of a multi-million dollar operation to "sow discord" among Americans while helping Republican Donald Trump defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton, according to an indictment released Friday naming 13 Russians and three Russian organizations.


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Congressional candidate Darryl Glenn likes to tell a story about a woman he met at a farmer’s market earlier this summer. “She was an older black lady, independent,” he says. “I stopped by and introduced myself, and she was like, ‘You’re a — Republican?’” He scowled like he was sniffing a carton of milk that had turned. “‘I’ve never seen a Republican,’ she said. ‘Why should I even listen to you?’ And I was like, ‘Ma’am, I just want to have a conversation with you.’” Then he leans in, animated at the memory of their exchange.


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Declaring that the 5th Congressional District needs someone who will "fight for what he knows is right" and not just vote the right way, Darryl Glenn, the GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate in Colorado last year, announced on Monday that he's running for the seat held by incumbent U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn, another Colorado Springs Republican.


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Colorado Republicans elected former El Paso County chairman Jeff Hays as state party chair at the GOP’s biennial reorganization meeting on Saturday in Englewood. “You know how you spell fun? W-I-N!” Hays said as he accepted the nomination in a packed auditorium at Englewood High School, invoking a catch phrase Hays learned from former Air Force Academy football coach Fisher DeBerry. Republicans in the crowd shouted out the letters along with Hays.


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A statewide co-chair of the 2016 Colorado Trump campaign said Friday she was frustrated and disappointed that the campaign’s other co-chair sent an email earlier in the week to Republicans endorsing Jeff Hays in the race for state GOP chair on behalf of the Trump campaign. “As a co-chair of the Trump team, I have not endorsed anybody,” Barb Neville told The Colorado Statesman. “This is very disappointing that the perception is that I have come out and supported Jeff Hays. I have not.”