Donna BrysonDonna BrysonOctober 8, 201717min3063

Sometimes a cell is more than a cell. It’s what North High School staff member Lisbeth Vargas discovered after a math teacher gave a student a second warning about using his phone in class. Vargas, whose responsibilities include helping North teachers deal with disruptive students, said she knew two more warnings would mean an in-school suspension. Vargas stepped in to mediate, first speaking to the student alone and getting him to admit he wasn’t getting the material.

Joey BunchJoey BunchApril 29, 20176min414
Don’t tell state Rep. Pete Lee he might be soft on crime, just because he’s driven a truckload of legislation to keep people out from behind bars the past seven years. The Colorado Springs Democrat gives a gentle snort to the suggestion of soft. “Restorative justice programs are not soft on crime,” he said of the […]

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