Joey BunchJoey BunchMarch 21, 20185min1140
The former legislative intern accusing Sen. Jack Tate of sexual harassment is asking why he has not faced consequences based on her allegations. An independent investigator two months ago found the woman was more likely telling the truth than the Republican senator from Centennial. KUNC reporter Bente Birkeland posted a story Wednesday in which the […]

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Joey BunchJoey BunchMarch 15, 20184min491

Colorado Senate Democrats continued their attempts to amend a bill that would tie up $300 million a year from the state budget for transportation. Republicans played defense and ultimately passed Senate Bill 1 postponed to a third day of debate next Tuesday. If Republicans pass the legislation on a recorded vote with their one-seat majority, the bill would then bounce the legislation to the House, where Democrats have a majority and the votes to amend it heavily or kill it outright.