Ernest LuningErnest LuningJune 22, 201710min902

Democratic candidates for Colorado attorney general this week tore into Republican incumbent Cynthia Coffman’s month-old decision to appeal a court ruling critics say could bring a halt to oil and gas production in the state, with two of the Democrats vowing to scrap the appeal if elected and one of them lashing his primary opponents for not weighing in sooner.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningSeptember 26, 20165min340

ColoradoCare, Amendment 69 on the ballot this November, represents a positive change to health care financing in Colorado. However, the media have published assertions made by the Colorado Health Institute that are misleading. As a citizen of the state, a retired health executive and a health economist, I am concerned that the media is echoing misinformation about Amendment 69. It is important that Coloradans get the facts — pro and con — for an informed decision about voting on this issue.


Michael LaFaiveMichael LaFaiveAugust 10, 20167min367

An initiative that may appear on Colorado’s November’s ballot would, if adopted, nearly triple the state’s current cigarette excise tax. This, we believe the evidence shows, will usher in a wave of cigarette smuggling and other undesirable consequences. Voters should think twice before adopting this tax increase. Research shows high excise taxes invite scofflaws to traffic in illicit cigarettes, encourage corruption among public officials and trigger violence against people, property and police.