John TomasicJohn TomasicApril 20, 20172min560

The booming sound from the Civic Center pro-pot 4/20 rally, where thousands gathered Thursday to celebrate Colorado's legal weed, forced a hastily called state House press conference into a windowless side room. On the floor of the House lawmakers were debating <a href="https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/sb17-017" target="_blank">Senate Bill 17</a>, which would allow residents suffering from PTSD and with a recommendation from a doctor to buy marijuana without paying retail taxes. The debate took off when the issue of underage users came up. The debate stretched on for an hour. The Bill passed. As it stands, minors with PTSD have to get a recommendation from their attending pediatrician -- and not from one of the state's long list of pot doctors.


John TomasicJohn TomasicMarch 6, 20179min701

Happy halfway mark. On Wednesday, lawmakers will arrive at this year’s legislative session midpoint. Many of the House and Senate minority party bills doomed to die in committee have lived their brief and sometimes newsmaking lives. Now many of the bills doomed to die at the hands of the opposite chamber majority party will meet their own swift ends. Then soon will appear this year’s “long bill” budget proposal. And then, on the long bill’s tale, will come the big compromise proposal on transportation funding… and anything else lawmakers feel pressure or overdue obligation or last gasp whimsy to move on at last. Note as ever that almost everything about the legislative schedule is subject to change, at almost any time.