Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsOctober 17, 20188min440

Our state has a problem. The cost of living continues to increase, but wages are not keeping up. Simply paying bills can be extraordinarily stressful. Unfortunately, there is an industry that exists solely to take advantage of people in this situation — payday lenders. Preying on those who require a helping hand is sickening. That is why I urge everyone to vote “Yes” on Proposition 111, which will reduce the allowable interest rate to a maximum APR of 36 percent. 


Dan NjegomirDan NjegomirOctober 11, 20186min20620

Looking at the history of interactions between the oil and gas industry and our communities over the past several years, it's abundantly clear why the people of Colorado are bringing Proposition 112 forth. Instead of adopting better health and safety standards to residents and workers, the oil and gas industry has rebuffed all prior reasonable legislative solutions and instead chosen to invest over $80 million dollars to undermine all citizen-led efforts that would allow communities to protect themselves from drilling operations that are destroying their neighborhoods.


Tracee BentleyTracee BentleyOctober 11, 20185min6990

Extreme to its very core, this measure – which would put 94 percent of private land  in the top five oil and natural gas producing counties off limits to new energy development — has drawn bipartisan opposition from all corners of the state. Opponents include both majority party candidates for Colorado governor, Democrat Jared Polis and Republican Walker Stapleton, as well as unions and chambers of commerce and rural and urban communities and their elected leaders.