Gordon KlingenschmittGordon KlingenschmittDecember 22, 20176min694

Amidst the wave of sexual harassment allegations from Hollywood to Alabama to the Colorado State Capitol, and as an evangelical Republican who condemns sexual harassment and sexual immorality, I will hereby argue why my friend Rep. Steve Lebsock should immediately switch from Democrat to Republican.  Lebsock and I served together as state representatives, often dueling in friendly opposition on the local government committee.  He’s a moderate Democrat and I’m a conservative Republican, so we rarely agree, but to Lebsock’s credit he scores highly on the Principles of Liberty scorecard.  Lebsock is a pro-gun, smaller-government, pro-liberty Democrat, which surprises some, but not me.  He votes 71 percent of the time with Republicans, not Democrats, on bills concerning individual liberty and property rights, and 31 percent with conservatives overall.  It wouldn’t be a big stretch for Lebsock to caucus with Republicans.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningAugust 25, 201710min1992

The gloves are off and the fur is flying in the Republican primary for Colorado's next state treasurer. In a series of emails sent to state GOP activists and donors Thursday, state Rep. Polly Lawrence accused her fellow state treasurer candidate state Rep. Justin Everett and his allies — "his minions" was the phrase she used — of spreading lies and mounting "traitorous attacks" on her, while an independent expenditure committee backing Everett blasted Lawrence for "lying to get re-elected, only to conspire with liberals and vote like Democrats."


Ernest LuningErnest LuningJune 26, 20178min481

A group of liberal advocacy organizations for the first time released combined legislative scorecards this week, conglomerating assessments of the 100 Colorado lawmakers’ votes last session on key legislation the organizations said they plan to present to voters next year. A Republican who received among the lowest overall scores, however, dismissed the endeavor as a “political stunt” and told Colorado Politics he doubts the predictable rankings — Democrats good, Republicans bad — give voters any meaningful information.

Jared WrightJared WrightMarch 16, 201651min331

VOL. 01 NO. 44 | MARCH 16, 2016 | COLORADOSTATESMAN.COM/THE-HOT-SHEET | © 2016 By TCS Publisher and Editor in Chief Jared Wright _@JaredWright_ DENVER — Super Tuesday Round 3 is complete. Marco Rubio's biggest mistake: Rich Beeson, "The days of having to have 50 field staffers and 25 offices are done. We can have a field office and staff set up in a Starbucks with wireless and get just as much done as we can in a brick-and-mortar office with landlines." Words uttered by the Colorado native and Rubio's deputy campaign manager in October 2015. Also lost: Gubernatorial race for Bruce Benson in 1994 (organizational director), presidential race for Mitt Romney in 2012 (political director). Also, there was that legendary Rubio v. Paul bar fight incident ...