Miller HudsonMiller HudsonJune 6, 20186min505

Now that the governor and legislature have guaranteed regular checks will be forwarded to stave off any imminent collapse of Colorado’s Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA), perhaps it is time to examine another unfunded liability that lurks in the state budget. As ominous as the term sounds, an unfunded liability is merely a debt – a promise to pay. In our personal lives we live with many such obligations in the form of mortgage payments, car loans and credit card balances. Banks trust (some of us more than others) that we will hold on to our jobs and punctually manage these debts.


Adam McCoyAdam McCoyApril 25, 20173min478

A Denver contractor cut checks for nearly $250,000 to dozens of its employees after city officials discovered a payroll error during a routine city audit. Nelson Pipeline Constructors, a subcontractor on Beeler Park construction in Denver's Stapleton neighborhood, failed to pay 91 employees wages totaling $241,000 due to a classification error, City Auditor Timothy O’Brien said.


Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinOctober 26, 20169min929

An ordinance that established a prevailing wage for City and County of Denver contractors has not seen any significant change in more than a half century, other than a process to exclude violators from doing city work projects that has not banned a single company. That is likely to change, with the city council's Finance and Governance Committee recent recommendation that the full council approve several changes to the ordinance that were guided by Denver Auditor Timothy O'Brien.