Ernest LuningErnest LuningSeptember 29, 20177min1125

End Citizens United, a group dedicated to overturning the decision that opened the floodgates to campaign cash, endorsed Democratic congressional candidate Jason Crow on Thursday. At the same time, Crow pledged he won't accept corporate PAC money in his bid to unseat five-term Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman in the 6th Congressional District.


Adam McCoyAdam McCoyApril 25, 20176min629

In one of the reddest cities in the state and the country, three political progressives were elected in landslides to the Colorado Springs City Council earlier this April. Though those City Council seats are nonpartisan, Dawn Haliburton-Rudy says it’s the first steps in changing the political geography of the long-time conservative stronghold in El Paso County. “If we can create monumental shift within our political landscape, that holds huge implications nationwide,” Haliburton-Rudy said.