Dan NjegomirDan NjegomirAugust 4, 20172min448

Defenders of abortion rights and access to contraception say they are under siege in the era of Donald Trump and Republican rule, and for months, they have taken to the streets, the airwaves and the worldwide web to fight back.

Now, they are going to lodge their protests in a different kind of forum: an art gallery. And the Colorado Times Recorder informs us that a stalwart of reproductive rights, Planned Parenthood, has stepped into the role of curator:

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains is seeking submissions of visual art on the topic of bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom in this current political climate for a gallery exhibition in Colorado Springs for the month of September.

The art on display also will be available for sale, with half the proceeds going to the nonprofit Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. A spokesman for the organization told the Times Recorder:

Our mission is to both build the communities we reside in and to give people the tools to empower and sustain their worlds. We think giving folks the platform to tell their stories through art can do just that.  We will be looking at all of the submissions through the lens of reproductive rights and bringing to life genuine connections to the feminist movement.

Colorado Springs also was the site of a mass shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in 2015. Three died and nine were injured.


Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinOctober 17, 20163min382

A 50-state bus tour to promote ending abortion in America is scheduled to stop in Denver tonight for a rally, prayer and fast, according to the sponsoring group, 40 Days for Life. The group describes itself on its web site as "a community-based campaign that takes a determined, peaceful approach to showing local communities the consequences of abortion in their own neighborhoods, for their own friends and families."