John TomasicJohn TomasicFebruary 13, 201710min418

Lawmakers today embark on their sixth week of the session. <a href="" target="_blank">Eleven weeks to go</a>. What’s on the schedule at the gold dome this week? The “Most Accessed Bills” box on the General Assembly website offers a snapshot. It includes Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg’s <a href="" target="_blank">SB 35</a>, a “fracktavist beware” bill that would hike penalties for tampering with oil and gas equipment. The Senate agriculture and energy committee will hear the bill on Thursday. and Sen. Andy Kerr’s <a href="" target="_blank">SB 99</a>, which would add Colorado to the list of National Popular Vote Agreement states. The bill will be heard Wednesday in the Senate’s State Affairs committee. Eleven states that control 165 electoral college votes have so far <a href="" target="_blank">signed on</a>. The agreement would take effect once it secures commitments from states that represent a majority of electoral votes -- that's 270 electoral college votes. So, at this point, the proposal needs to win over states that can deliver a total of 105 more electoral college votes. That's not impossible. Imagine, presidential candidates would actually have to campaign again in more than four or five swing states.