Marianne GoodlandNovember 14, 20172min1700

Henry Sobanet, the governor’s go-to on the budget, is widely regarded as the best numbers guy in the state when it comes to the budget and to complex financial issues affecting the state budget. Sobanet works equally well with Republicans, having served as budget director for Gov. Bill Owens a decade ago, and in the same role for the past seven years for Gov. John Hickenlooper.


Jared WrightJared WrightNovember 30, 20165min1320

While pundits and pollsters will be studying the 2016 national election for months to come, it is safe to say that Americans clearly want a government that listens to their needs and delivers results. Coloradans are no different. The Hickenlooper administration prioritized “good government” from the start, and this election underscores how important it is to continue and expand this work. We believe good government is a non-partisan idea that focuses on delivering measurable, cost-effective results for our customers by using data and the best thinking across sectors.