Ernest LuningErnest LuningSeptember 22, 201722min24720

Congressional candidate Darryl Glenn likes to tell a story about a woman he met at a farmer’s market earlier this summer. “She was an older black lady, independent,” he says. “I stopped by and introduced myself, and she was like, ‘You’re a — Republican?’” He scowled like he was sniffing a carton of milk that had turned. “‘I’ve never seen a Republican,’ she said. ‘Why should I even listen to you?’ And I was like, ‘Ma’am, I just want to have a conversation with you.’” Then he leans in, animated at the memory of their exchange.


Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsNovember 10, 201625min630

DENVER - Protests, walkout and vigils — Oh my! Welcome to post-election Thursday, ladies and gentleman. Following the predictions of a social and financial apocalypse, the sun rose to find what appears to be a peaceful transition of power. We American’s have gotten pretty good at this … By just thumbing through the pages of the internet this morning, the apparent LARGEST stories of Wednesday were civil (for the most part) protests and student walkouts. We’ve included several links of small and large gatherings across the state. Be warned — everyone these day’s apparently has a sign! Perhaps we should start selling sign making kits here at The Statesman?