Jared WrightJared WrightSeptember 30, 20164min82

Montana will test 1,400 rape kits dating back to 1995 that weren't submitted to the state's crime lab by local law enforcement authorities, Attorney General Tim Fox said Thursday. The state also will add personnel to track the kits, counsel victims and investigate when DNA from the kits result in rape suspects being identified. "We look forward to ensuring that unsubmitted sexual assault kits in Montana are tested, to helping bring closure to a horrific event in the lives of survivors, to serving justice to perpetrators and to protecting our citizens," Fox said.


Matthew BrownSeptember 12, 20166min51

A government-commissioned study concludes there's substantial risk that a $57 million dam and fish bypass proposed on the Yellowstone River won't meet its goal of helping an ancient, endangered fish species. An independent panel of scientists and engineers conducted the peer-review study for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. They said the agency provided no evidence the proposed bypass near the Montana-North Dakota border would help pallid sturgeon reach upstream spawning grounds.