Ernest LuningErnest LuningAugust 20, 201722min1291

Doug Robinson compares winning the Republican nomination for governor of Colorado to getting hired after a really long job interview, and he believes his background and experience will give him the edge. One of seven declared GOP candidates for next year’s election — with at least three heavyweights waiting in the wings — Robinson speaks highly of his leading primary opponents but suggests his experience founding and running a financial firm that advised technology companies sets him apart.


Joey BunchJoey BunchAugust 3, 20174min920

Leave it to the Republican Governors Association to let Jared Polis know that fellow Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Johnston isn’t impressed with the ability of the liberal congressman from Boulder to work with Republicans. (Say it ain’t so!)

The RGA released a poorly shot video of a Johnston speech Thursday morning. Poorly shot is usually a sign of something clandestine and worth a reporter’s time. Not so much this time.

“I think what I do know is that the people who have been the most effective in governing this state look like the folks seated in this room,” Johnston told the small crowd. “If you were to ask Republicans if they had to work with one Democrat, in the House, who would it be — they would say (state Rep.) Millie Hamner and that’s not always because she’s going to agree with them, but she’s always going to be honest, always going to reach out, and find ways to collaborate that people don’t always do.

“And I think when you have to govern a state that is a third Republican, a third Independent and a third Democrat, you have to do that. I don’t think Jared has had to do that in his role as much as a congressperson, because they don’t get as much done there.”

What? That’s it? The RGA promised “attacks” in the subject line of an e-mail to the state’s political reporters.

“With Colorado’s Democrat primary quickly shaping up to be an ugly contest between two unapologetically far-left candidates, the race between Johnston and Polis will continue to divide Democrats, leaving their party less likely to emerge victorious at the ballot box on Election Day in 2018.”

It’s an increasingly crowded field, and it’s not clear yet that Polis or Johnston is the front-runner. Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne announced this week she’s forming an exploratory committee, which would shake up the race.

That’s ugly? One thinks the RGA’s tracker (or the RGA) started in politics this week. As attacks go, the RGA is reaching from the moon to Mars on this one, and if this is as good as they can get, it might speak to a very cordial Democratic primary.

What must the RGA think of GOP gubernatorial candidate Victor Mitchell calling out fellow GOP candidate Doug Robinson last week for donations he received from Utah, including from Robinson’s uncle, Mitt Romney.

“Colorado is in a fierce competition for jobs and investment, and one of our key regional challengers is the state of Utah,” Mitchell told Colorado Politics’ Ernest Luning. “A candidate who is so reliant on donors from that state couldn’t possibly avoid conflicts and uncompromisingly lead Colorado to win any and all economic development battles with Utah.”

Replied Robinson: “It seems like Victor has taken Gov. (John) Hickenlooper’s recent lesson in political grandstanding to heart.”


Dan NjegomirDan NjegomirAugust 3, 20173min1210

ProgressNow Colorado has come up with a handy reminder you can install in your Google Chrome browser. The cheeky Democratic activists rolled out their Mitt Romney’s Nephew Chrome extension this week, with Executive Director Ian Silverii deadpanning in a press statement, “Voters need a simple way to cut through the noise” of “so many unknown candidates in the Republican gubernatorial race.”

The target among those purported unknowns is Doug Robinson, a former investment banker and nephew of wealthy 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. And ProgressNow wants you to remember that family connection, which the liberal group evidently perceives as a liability. Thus, Mitt Romney’s Nephew Chrome extension does pretty much as its name implies:

Upon installation of the extension in Chrome, all instances of the name “Doug Robinson” viewed through the browser are automatically rewritten to display the words “Mitt Romney’s Nephew.”

The press statement adds:

“The Mitt Romney’s Nephew extension makes sure voters know who one Colorado gubernatorial candidate really is, no matter where they get their news.”

Clever enough, funny and original.

Yet, the reality may be funnier than the spoof. Before installing the extension and Googling “Doug Robinson,” try Googling “Mitt Romney’s nephew,” instead, in a browser of your choice. The result is enough to make Doug Robinson wince — with or without the extra jab from ProgressNow. Hit after hit among Colorado and national news media reference Robinson as Mitt Romney’s nephew — often enough, without bothering to say much else about him. Some media offer the variation, “nephew of Mitt Romney,” but that’s about it. (Yes, is among the culprits.)

It’s enough to give the guy a complex, maybe even an identity crisis.

With his work already done for him, more or less, maybe Silverii can declare victory and move on. Indeed, he already has his eye on his next target — Colorado Treasurer Walker Stapleton, who is also expected to run for governor. Says the press release:

“Stay tuned for our next project, the George Bush’s Cousin extension, which is ready to roll out as circumstances warrant.”


Ernest LuningErnest LuningJuly 18, 20176min2604

Democratic congressional candidate Levi Tillemann on Tuesday condemned as "bigoted" and "clearly dogwhistle politics" a demand issued by Victor Mitchell, a Republican running for governor of Colorado, that one of his primary opponents — a member of a famous Mormon family that includes Mitt Romney — return all campaign contributions he's received from Utah residents. But Mitchell rejected Tillemann's criticism, insisting that he was merely raising concerned about Utah competing for business with Colorado.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningJuly 17, 20174min1261

Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate Victor Mitchell on Monday called on primary rival Doug Robinson to return campaign contributions he's received from Utah residents — including Mitt Romney, Robinson's uncle, and other members of the Romney clan — but Robinson rejected the demand and mocked Mitchell's fundraising record.