Tom Roeder, The GazetteTom Roeder, The GazetteFebruary 20, 20185min475
The National Space Defense Center at Schriever Air Force Base has moved beyond war games, with intelligence agency experts and Space Command airmen joining forces to protect American satellites in orbit. The center, which last year was operating with borrowed troops, has begun operating 24 hours a day and boasts a staff of 230. Their […]

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Kara MasonKara MasonJanuary 4, 20182min660

Vice President Mike Pence, who has said the Trump administration is a best friend to small business, seemingly squashed one Aspen company’s busiest time of year when he vacationed in the area last week.

Above It All Balloon Co. had to cancel rides because of security issues, according to the Aspen Times, which first reported the story Dec. 30. Owner Pam Wood acknowledged high winds also played a role on one of the days the VP was in town.

“I understand the security aspect,” she told the paper. “But let the little wheels on the track make a living so the rest can roll.”

An area of three nautical miles over where Pence and his wife were staying was considered “national defense airspace” and grounded the flights, costing Wood somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000. Other aircraft were also prohibited from flying over that area.

Wood also claims the veep and second lady’s trip, which she says she was only notified of the morning the Pences arrived, hurt her staff’s pocketbooks, as they make tips from balloon riders and depend on that income.

The Pences reportedly stayed at a private estate off Owl Creek Road outside of Snowmass Village, the Aspen Times said. Normally, when the Obamas would vacation in the area, they’d stay at West Buttermilk, which was further from the balloon launch site.

Hal BidlackHal BidlackNovember 15, 20176min551

The Democratic Party has a great friend in the White House. And before I go any further on the main point, may I jump onto the rickety soapbox of the Grammarian? To my friends on the Right, please stop saying “the Democrat Party.” It’s the Democratic Party. The shorter version stems from GOP leaders attempting to turn the party name into a petty insult. Republican candidates have been urged to use such trigger words since at least the 1940s, and “Democrat Party” was a particular favorite of Joe McCarthy. (Did you see how I worked McCarthy into this? Clever!) Let’s make a deal, if I don’t say “the Republic Party,” will you agree to stop sinning against grammar for petty political reasons, and say “the Democratic Party?” Good, I’m glad we could clear that up. Now where was I..?