Hal BidlackHal BidlackMay 11, 20186min243

How much would you spend out of your own pocket to get hired to a job that pays $90,000 per year? How much would you borrow? How about asking friends to donate? Well, the eight men and women running to succeed John Hickenlooper as Colorado’s next governor are spending quite a lot, often from their own pockets, for a job that pays south of six figures, and which finds roughly half of the people mad at you at any given moment.


Tom Cronin and Bob LoevyTom Cronin and Bob LoevyApril 25, 20189min241

Maybe it is time to reform the political party nominating process in Colorado. The double-barreled system currently in use – which involves both a political party state assembly and candidates petitioning on to the ballot – is complicated and confusing for the average voter to understand and favors rich and well-financed candidates over those with less money to spend.