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Ernest LuningErnest LuningDecember 5, 201712min14140

Both sides agree it's a question of rights but differ sharply whose rights should prevail under the law in a case argued Tuesday before the U.S. Supreme Court — whether it's the baker and his religious beliefs or the same-sex couple and their right to be treated like any other customers. As the divisive case had its day in court — pitting Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips against the married couple, Charlie Craig and David Mullins — Colorado politicians hewed mainly along partisan lines assessing the case.

Joey BunchJoey BunchDecember 5, 20173min6240

Bernie Sanders campaigner Morgan Watters has been tapped to run state Rep. Joe Salazar’s bid for Colorado attorney general next year, the campaign said Monday.

Salazar is in a crowded Democratic primary with well-financed opponents, including former University of Colorado law school dean Phil Weiser, Denver lawyer Brad Levin, Jefferson County assistant prosecutor Michael Dougherty and federal prosecutor Amy Padden.

Watters was a field Director for the Bernie 2016 campaign in Denver and worked for the Colorado Families for a Fair Wage campaign to raise the state’s minimum wage. Watters also worked on Kevin Flynn’s successful run for the Denver City Council in 2015 and was an advocacy intern for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, according to Watter’s LinkedIn page.

“I have spent the summer and early fall traveling the state, listening to what the People of Colorado were saying and building a grassroots army for the elections next year,” Salazar said in a statement. “Now the campaign is focused on developing the resources we need to win and return the attorney general’s office to the People. I am excited that Morgan has agreed to come on board as we build out our field, political and fundraising operations.”

Rich Pelletier, the deputy campaign manager for Bernie 2016 and a Salazar supporter, said he was thrilled to see Watters join with Salazar, who also supporters Sanders in the Democratic primary in Colorado last year.

“Morgan was one of our campaign nomads on Bernie’s campaign, starting here in Colorado and traveling to Washington state, Oregon and finally California,” he said. “They led the field team in the Oregon primary to a decisive 56 percent to 44 percent win for Bernie, winning every county in the state but one.

“Morgan brings caucus and primary leadership experience to the campaign and I know they will be able to help Joe get over the finish line. I work on races across the country, and Joe’s candidacy is one of the most exciting we have. He is a true progressive problem solver who represents the future of the party.”


Ernest LuningErnest LuningNovember 13, 20174min295

There won't be two Georges running for Colorado attorney general after all. Saying he believes it's important for the GOP to "consolidate behind one candidate" for attorney general, George Leing, Colorado's Republican National Committeeman and a former congressional candidate, announced Monday that he won't be joining one-time gubernatorial candidate George Brauchler in the race.