Hal BidlackHal BidlackApril 20, 20186min391

I’ve written before on bias in the media, and how polarized our country has become. Readers may recall that I compared the current political unpleasantness to our nation in roughly 1850, when the notion that disagreement also meant disloyalty and likely enemy status. I also wrote on what I called bold hypocrisy, wherein some national leaders, our current President in particular, tell falsehoods at a record pace, denying demonstrably true “facts” (remember when they said there was nomeeting in Trump Tower? Then there wasa meeting, but it was about Russian adoption? And then it was about…oh shut up!) And if you are a Trump supporter, admit it – when you read that last bit, you thought to yourself, “oh yeah? Well, the liberal-mainstream-dishonest media is the one telling the lies.” Right?


Ernest LuningErnest LuningJune 15, 201720min419

Near the end of the town hall in Frisco last Friday, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, a Democrat in his ninth year in the Senate, invoked the famous answer Benjamin Franklin gave when asked what the framers of the Constitution had created. “He was asked, ‘What kind of government are you forming, a republic or a monarchy?’ and his answer was, ‘A republic, if you can keep it.’”

Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsDecember 22, 201615min418

DENVER — Same story, different year. With the start of the Colorado legislative session just 20 days off, media speculation and a tad bit of media bias is beginning to sprout through the freshly fallen snow; media bias in the sense of which bills, which lawmakers and which in-fighting will be the biggest news. Despite those rumors, reporters just like telling a kick-butt story and media companies like the corresponding revenue to keep afloat. Remember that you heard it here first. As long as we’re looking at the calendar, we are only two days away from the beginning of Hanukkah, three days from Christmas and 10 days from 2017. So, do yourself a favor … spend some time with those you love and those that (there must be a few) love you in return. Heck maybe even spend a little time helping those in need. There's a thought! It’s been a long year for those in political circles! Time for a small respite.

Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsDecember 15, 201614min420

DENVER — As our grandmothers used to say, “It’s going to be a Merry Christmas for the electric company!” You might also say the same for the attorneys involved in the rogue Hamilton ‘faithless’ Electors legal maneuvers. With billable hours at stake, the ‘faithless’ and their attorney have announced an intention to seek relief in the state’s high court. Come on, everybody SING, “…Just what makes that little old ant — think he'll move that rubber tree plant?” The most reported Colorado news item in the last 24 hours? No doubt, it’s been the decision by the tiny Hanover School District to allow staff to conceal carry on campus. Expect — as anti-gun activists begin cold calling newsrooms — to hear much, much more about statistics and other facts and figures on gun violence in schools.

Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsOctober 31, 201618min469

DENVER — Happy Halloween and good Monday to you (hard to tell which is scarier) from all of us here at The Colorado Statesman. After a weekend of political revelations and stumping in Colorado, it’s hard to avoid the scary realities of this all on hallows eve. The 2016 presidential election has had more scares, screams and plot twists than a Stephen King novel! The First Shot Tell me who's watching. Oh, what a mess. I wonder who's watching me now, (WHO?) the I.R.S.? — Rockwell