Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinDecember 16, 201610min257

A constitutional amendment that would reduce the lengthy and repetitive language regarding judicial retention questions on election ballots is on Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams' wish list for the upcoming state legislative session. Williams and his staff outlined his legislative plans to the Bipartisan Election Advisory Committee Thursday, Dec. 15. The committee includes county clerks, state and political party officials and citizens groups.


Lynn BartelsLynn BartelsJune 27, 20167min313

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams teamed up with his counterpart from Nevada Monday to visit county clerks in Broomfield, Clear Creek and Arapahoe the day before the primary election. Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske was interested in touring counties using the latest equipment from Dominion Voting Systems. Her state uses an older version. In all, 18 Colorado counties are using the new Dominion equipment this primary. “It was fast but we got a lot in,” Cegavske said of the visit to the counties. “I’ve been making mental notes to myself of everything. We are grateful we were able to meet with the clerks and talk to them.”


Lynn BartelsLynn BartelsJune 17, 20165min212

A phrase under Jon Keyser’s name on the primary ballot for Republican U.S. Senate candidates is causing consternation among some voters. It reads: “Signed declaration to limit service to no more than 2 terms.” “Pretty blatant campaigning ON THE BALLOT,” one voter remarked to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. “Electioneering,” one woman complained to the elections staff.