Rachael WrightRachael WrightFebruary 16, 201711min343

… Twenty Years Ago This Week in The Colorado Statesman … An El Paso County Republican saga continued with self-proclaimed “true conservatives” toppling the “old guard,” seizing the reins of El Paso's Grand Old Party. After staking their campaigns on pro-life and Christian values, they went on to capture the top three party offices and 20 bonus member slots to the state GOP Central Committee. Many contended the social conservative sweep down south marked the end of the “big tent” era when party leadership preached tolerance for those with differing social views, particularly on the topic of abortion. The winners? Colorado Springs attorney Wayne Williams was elected chairman of the El Paso County Republican Party, Focus on the Family executive Tom Minnery won vice chairman and Leigh Ann Rauch was chosen secretary. All three were given a stamp of approval by a coalition of “true conservative” Republicans.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningMay 26, 201613min332

Twenty Years Ago this week in The Colorado Statesman … Elected officials had a range of reactions to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision overturning Colorado’s Amendment 2, the ballot measure to forbid “protected status based on homosexual, lesbian or bisexual orientation,” passed by state voters four years earlier. The court “rejected the equal rights vs. special rights distinction that was the basis for Colorado voters’ decision,” said Attorney General Gale Norton. U.S. Rep. Wayne Allard, who was running for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate, called himself “very disappointed” in the decision.