Leroy GarciaLeroy GarciaJuly 4, 20185min344

As my family and I get ready to celebrate Independence Day, I cannot help but reflect, and be thankful to our men and women in uniform who fought for, and continue to fight for, our independence and freedoms both at home and abroad. While the 4th of July is a day where we join together to celebrate this country we love so much, it disturbs me that we have witnessed the reemergence of an ideology that attempts to cast those who may not think the same way as somehow being “unpatriotic.”


Ernest LuningErnest LuningMarch 25, 20186min421

A majority runs through it … Before U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman dropped to the floor at an Aurora restaurant last Sunday for his birthday pushups — 63 of them, one for each of his years on this planet — his fellow Republican George Brauchler ribbed Coffman about his age and whether or not the Marines perform authentic pushups the way they do in the Army. But first, Brauchler, the 18th Judicial District attorney and the GOP candidate for attorney general, talked  about Coffman’s congressional district and the stakes involved in his bid for a sixth term.


Scott TiptonScott TiptonMay 29, 20174min451

As a member of Congress, I have the unique opportunity to visit the memorials dedicated to fallen service members that are just a short distance from the Capitol building. Across the Potomac River, Arlington National Cemetery serves as the final resting place for hundreds of thousands of men and women who served in the armed services. Each day I work in Washington, I am reminded that the privilege we have of living in a free society has been paid by so many who have selflessly sacrificed their lives in service to their country. Memorial Day offers an important opportunity for us to reflect and pay our respects to those who have given all.