Chris StifflerChris StifflerJuly 28, 20166min447

When it comes to Colorado’s marijuana tax revenue, there’s a widespread misconception that we can now just pay all of our bills with pot money. My organization, which gives many presentations about the state budget across Colorado, hears this almost every time we visit a community. What do you mean the state has budget difficulties? The state’s rolling in the dough because of marijuana. Isn’t it?


Brian DelGrossoBrian DelGrossoJune 23, 20165min407

From the start of the session, House Republicans identified increasing funding for education and transportation and addressing Colorado’s affordable housing shortage as our top priorities. Unfortunately, our Democrat colleagues did not share our same priorities and instead focused on passing a partisan agenda that penalized, over-regulated, even publically shamed Colorado’s job creators. Democrats rejected our proposals to reprioritize existing state revenue, and instead repeatedly argued for more taxpayer revenue. The reality is, we have the revenue to address our current problems, we simply need to prioritize how it’s spent. Even though House Republicans were able to pass some important bills, the overarching theme of this session was “missed opportunities.”