Scott PaulsonScott PaulsonMay 4, 20187min768

There are many risks associated with owning a small business, risks which small business owners willingly assume as part of the choice they make to build their local economies and communities. One that they should not need to endure is the state legislature changing the rules midstream to artificially give one particular segment of their industry a state-backed competitive advantage. Unfortunately, Senate Bill 243 is doing just that.

Peter MarcusPeter MarcusFebruary 27, 20175min276
A debate over a measure framed as a “cleanup” of full-strength alcohol sales in supermarkets devolved Monday into a referendum on big-box versus small retailers. Democrats were at odds with each other over whether the measure from Sen. Angela Williams, D-Denver, would result in “wiping out” small liquor stores. “What are we doing to our […]

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