Joey BunchJoey BunchOctober 26, 20172min884

If you read Colorado Politics, then you know all about this, but Thursday morning Gov. John Hickenlooper will officially launch the job-seeking platform Skillful, which already is having a national impact.

Skillful is a website the helps pair jobseekers with employers looking for skillsets, as well as guiding Coloradans to training to build on the skills they already have that could qualify them for better-paying jobs

After Colorado started work on the idea, the New York-based Markle Foundation, Microsoft and LinkedIn put millions into its development.

Hickenlooper told Colorado Politics this month that at least five states are working on their own versions of it, and he expects the online platgorm to outlast his time as Colorado’s governor. Hickenlooper is term-limited, so he will be replaced as the state’s chief executive after next year’s election.

His office said Skillful brought together “key players across the labor market, including employers, state and local government officials, educators and workforce centers, to help workers adapt to the changing workplace.”

Denver tech entrepreneur Noel Ginsburg, who is running in the Democratic primary for governor, and Colorado Labor Department executive director Ellen Golombek have been working on the idea for years, Hickenlooper said.

“These folks have been putting in literally hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours of hours in on this,” Hickenlooper said at a Merkle Foundation event about Skillful this year. “… This is a culmination of a lot of people working very, very hard.”