Ernest LuningErnest LuningJuly 25, 20175min1221

The Unity Party of Colorado decided at its first meeting as an official minor political party that it wants unaffiliated voters to have the chance to vote in its primaries — and the party's founder welcomes a primary challenger in his run for governor next year. The party also tripled the number of candidates running under its banner, party officials announced last week, albeit growing the field from one declared candidate to three.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningJune 9, 20175min771

After logging more than 1,000 members earlier this week, the Unity Party officially became a minor party in Colorado, Secretary of State Wayne Williams announced, and its founder couldn’t be happier. “This is very exciting,” said Bill Hammons, who has appeared on the ballot four times on the ticket and is running for governor in next year’s election. He’s also the state and national chairman of the party.


Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsOctober 31, 201618min960

DENVER — Happy Halloween and good Monday to you (hard to tell which is scarier) from all of us here at The Colorado Statesman. After a weekend of political revelations and stumping in Colorado, it’s hard to avoid the scary realities of this all on hallows eve. The 2016 presidential election has had more scares, screams and plot twists than a Stephen King novel! The First Shot Tell me who's watching. Oh, what a mess. I wonder who's watching me now, (WHO?) the I.R.S.? — Rockwell


Sarah KutaSeptember 9, 20166min57

Tired of hearing from major party presidential candidates who they say are soft on gun rights, members of the Colorado Libertarian Party have passed a resolution reaffirming the group’s opposition to any law regulating firearms and ammunition. The resolution, which the state party’s nine-member board passed in August, says Colorado Libertarians oppose any law that restricts, registers or monitors firearms and ammunition. The resolution also denies the legitimacy of victimless crimes and expresses support for due process rights. “The government has steadily encroached upon these rights by illegitimately regulating and restricting access for firearms and ammunition and may further seek to deprive people who have been convicted of no crime of their inherent right to full self-defense,” according to the resolution.